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Dry pond

Stone wall with water elements

projektowanie ogrodów

Water cascade

ogrody szczecin

Composition with natural stone

pielęgnacja ogrodów Szczecin

Who are we

Magnolia exists since 1998. It’s founder and owner is Rafał Łapiński , MSc – a graduate of Agriculture University in Szczecin. He obtained and broadened his knowledge and experience in design and development of green areas at foreign traineeships in Germany and Switzerland. The company renders services in the scope of design and complex arrangement and conservation of green areas. We operate on the territory of Szczecin and West Pomerania Voivodship (województwo zachodniopomorskie).

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Design and arrangement of gardens

Each future garden is a new challenge for us and its design becomes unique.

First of all, creating such a design is a very important step on an often long road to achievement of the intended goal. Before its creation, we hold numerous meetings with the client in order to become acquainted with his or her taste, preferences and needs. Our goal is a creation of a garden, where the plants blossom form early spring till late autumn.  

Each phase of works in a garden is extremely important, however, we especially emphasize the preparation (levelling) of the terrain, preparation of the soil (planting, lawn) and automatic irrigation system.

Plants growing on a well prepared and chosen for them soil especially need, besides caring, watering. Modern automatic irrigation systems from Rain Bird company that we use ensure:

  • Saving of water and time,
  • Even and precise watering of your garden,
  • Watering – while you are sleeping and when you are away,
  • Limitation of watering or complete lack of it in case of rains thanks to a rain switch.

Our company offers complex services, starting from the design of a garden, paths, lighting to selection and delivery of materials and work.

During winter we offer services in the scope of clearing of snow. Those services are rendered in: Szczecin, Stargard Szczeciński, West Pomeranian Voivodship (województwo zachodniopomorskie).

  • Dry pond
  • Stone wall with water elements
  • Water cascade
  • Composition with natural stone

Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone przez Magnolia Rafał Łapiński 1998-2016
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